Kacho Fugetsu

Japanese Cuisine

Since 2021

A contemporary urban izakaya & cocktail lounge.

Kacho Fugetsu is a contemporary urban izakaya & cocktail lounge. The dual concept venue is inspired and filled with Japanese aesthetics. A split-level setting bringing you different experiences: from premium izakaya to sophisticated, theatrical speakeasy.

beauty and imperfection

Named after the Japanese philosophy of personal discovery through the appreciation of both the beauty and imperfection of nature.


We embrace the concept of “wabi-sabi”, merging asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, and natural objects into our interior design.

Beauty and imperfection
of nature


Our contemporary izakaya menu is anything but traditional – from premium jet-fresh sushi and sashimi to inspired cold and hot appetisers. Smoky ‘kushiyaki’ grilled vegetable, meat and seafood specialties. Japanese-style tapas, hot favourites such as tempura and ‘kamameshi’ kettle rice.


Kacho Fugetsu is a Japanese concept that means to discover yourself when experiencing nature, yoji-jukugo (四字熟語) that literally reads Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon. We want to demonstrate and put people in a scenery where they can experience all the elements mentioned above, while serving them a memorable or one-of-a-kind feast.


Our signature is the ‘Osusume’ counter of freshest available seafood delivered jet-fresh daily, recommended by the chef not only for selection but also by style of cooking. Other than ‘Osusume’ we also have a wide selection of delicious and irresistible dishes! View the full menu for more!